Feedback concerning the new markdown menubar [Bear 2.0]

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9652)

First things first, I really like the changes you made towards the UI/UX but one design decision is confusing me a little bit: the sub-menu Lists of the new markdown menu; or to be even more precise: the inclusion of Block Quote and Separator into said sub-menu.

It took me a hot minute to figure out where these two options are located because I was expecting to at least find Block Quote next to Code Block. The placement of Separator on the other hand doesn’t bother me all that much (now that I know where to look for it) but the integration of Block Quote into the sub-menu Lists feels off.

I agree the menu is a bit confusing. E.g., why is there a separate to-do button, and then again there are todos in the Lists menu. And the options in the three-dots menu feel a little random. I don’t mind this all that much on the Mac because I’m typically manually writing in Markdown, but I’m guessing it’s going to be transferred over to iOS.

I would like to also note that wikilinks are omitted from that menu altogether which is weird. Personally, I feel all of link, wikilink, footnote should be in a separate submenu together. There should also be an “objects” submenu containing tables, images, and attachments (currently another omission from the menu).

:smiley: This is because Block Quotes are very similar to Lists at an implementation level, but I agree that from a user perspective it might not make sense.

To-dos are unordered lists. We wanted a single-click button to make todos, but we also wanted to showcase the options for it so we extracted the button from the lists menu and left the options there. I think we can get away by removing the to-do menu and leaving the options in the main menu.

The style bar is designed to have some of the most used actions in it, not everything.

Attachments is the same button as images, the labels says “images/files”