File directory management

Although tag-based management is very convenient, in my opinion, tags should be a supplement to directories and do not represent directories.

I think: an article belongs to a directory, but it can have multiple tags

It is for this reason that I have been using VS Code to write Markdown, to record personal study notes and work-related notes.

Because each article has a different type, or workspace.

So I’m looking forward to improving this part of Bear. And be happy to pay for it. Now I just install Bear and have installed it for a long time, but I haven’t used it.

I’m looking forward to Bear,. I’ve been watching the progress and progress of Bear development.

Here’s the workaround that I’m using. Maybe you can use a similar approach to simulate folders?

Example: You can have “folder” tags like #Folder/Notes, and keep all of your individual tags in a separate section like #Tag/Design, #Tag/Art.

That said, it takes a lot of effort to maintain. A dedicated folder feature might make things easier to use.

Another idea would be to implement special tag types. For example, there could be special tags for folder, date, category, type, etc.).

These tags could have special rules (e.g., each note can only have one folder tag or category tag, and is displayed with a custom icon and color inside of the note).

This would re-use the same tagging system and still let people use the system flexibly).


So I hope to suggest a folder management function. It can manage my documents more conveniently.

For me, tags are just a classification of documents. A document may have multiple tags, but it will only belong to one folder.

I hope developers can consider this suggestion.

@razzzzz Thanks for the ideas. I’m a fan of organizing with tags only (I have folder fatigue) and was wondering how you organize your “date” section in Bear.

Do you use #date/2021/02/26 or something different?

~Thank you!

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@Arbalest No worries. Happy you find them useful. I organize down to the month (e.g., #date/2021/02). For my particular notes, it doesn’t make sense to add days, but it might work for you.

+1 for this request! The other benefit of folders is that they would allow file management natively for a folder of MD files… This allows one to use Bear to manage MD file notes, while still keeping them openly editable by other apps as needed.

Unfortunately, I saw an update that Bear 2.0 will be database driven… so only hope for a feature like this is if Panda does indeed branch off as its own app, and then this gets added onto it.