Full Screen Sketch

I am loving the beta so far. I tend to sketch a lot in my notes, and appreciate having an option to tap to a full screen canvas. Is anything like this planned for 2.0? Right now I can create a bigger sketch, but only in the context of the note. I will also sometimes start sketching outside of it by accident and as a result will enable the scribble functionality, which I don’t want. A full screen canvas would eliminate that.

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I’m having trouble sketching at all. The best, there is a very significant, seconds long lag, when I am trying to write anything with the pencil.

Yeah, it’s a bit wonky right now. I don’t get the lag you describe, but it will show up differently when syncing at various times. For example, something sketched on my iPad will look normal on that device but very small on my Mac, but after a few moments it will look okay. There was another time where it looked pixelated but then reverted to looking okay. Those are just minor annoyances to me that are part of a beta experience, but the full screen canvas for sketching is really helpful to me (and not triggering the scribble by accident).

Can confirm that I get the lag as well. Regarding the full screen, I do prefer the implementation in 2.0 much more than version 1. Once the lag is gone this would be my ideal way to do it.

I’m also getting a significant lag when sketching with the pencil on an iPad (4th generation iPad Pro). This doesn’t seem to be a problem on the iPhone. The full screen canvas would be amazing.