Sketching for left handers jumpy white out

Testing version:
iPadOS v2.0 (11513)
What were you doing:

  • Sketching using my left hand. The note is full screen size.
    What feature did you use:
  • Sketching with Apple Pencil 2 on iPad Pro
    What happened:
  • As a draw or write, the sketch window will expand a little and go all white (shows nothing I sketched). It creates bad jumpy, where did my lines go experience. This is just the sketch window not the note. I tried writing with my right hand and it didn’t seem to happen.
    What did you expect to happen:
  • It doesn’t go white and expand.

This is another strong vote for me that we need a full screen sketching option. There are a few feature suggestions for this, like here. It is nice to quickly sketch inline, but I think it is pretty critical to be able to sketch full screen. I suspect this bug is happening because of my left palm resting on in the margins of the note and Bear is thinking I am trying to click out of the note or something. Maybe when I pause for a second with the pencil not on the screen, but my hand is still rested there.

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The same thing happens for me, a right-hand writer/sketcher. Behavior can be triggered when holding the pen still on the sketch area, it seems.

Thanks for reporting this issue. We’ll correct the sketcher flashes with the next update.