Sketch drawings not visible on macOS

Testing version:

Version 1.0 (1648)

What were you doing:

I added a sketch (drawn by my Apple Pencil) to my .panda document.

What feature did you use:

The sketch feature, allowing you to draw with your Apple Pencil.

What happened:

The drawing is visible on my iPad and my iPhone. However, when viewing the document on macOS the “sketch box” is there, but does not contain anything. It’s blank.

What did you expect to happen:

I’d expect the sketch drawing to be visible on macOS as well.

Hello and Welcome,

I tried to simulate the issue reported but sketches seem to correctly show on macOS. Any chance you can share a document reporting this problem with me?


Interesting. This is what I’m seeing.



I’ve uploaded the document in question here, If you want me to use another provider, feel free to recommend it, and I’ll upload the file there instead.


I found where the problem is, the sketches are somehow not turned to white when macOS’s dark mode is on

Luckily this is already fixed in our development version and we’ll ship a fix within the next update


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