GIF visualization improvement suggestion

So I just started using the Panda app and I see a lot of promising new features. Straight away one thing caught my eye: the GIF images are shown with a small icon on the bottom right, which disappears when hovering over the image itself (anywhere). Hovering above the image removes the GIF icon and instead shows resize triangle.

I’d much rather have the GIF remain sticky until the image is clicked and starts playing the GIF. Of course I understand that because you also have the resize triangle for all images, it cannot stay at its current position, so may I suggest the bottom left for the GIF icon?

Primary reason is that I’ve noticed when trying out some things, you often hover over an image unknowingly while scrolling. And then it doesn’t show the GIF icon anywhere and because it doesn’t autoplay (please don’t make that the default behaviour) it isn’t obvious whether it’s a GIF or not.

2nd suggestion:
When playing the GIF, the resize triangle stays there if you hover over the image and when going outside the image with your cursor it becomes the GIF again. Maybe remove all icons inside the image when it is playing?