Heading Shortcuts - Thoughts?

Since the update that assigned Heading shortcuts to Apple+1, Apple+2 etc, my brain has yet to catch up and I’m still trying to use Apple+Option+1 etc. This now has the effect of removing me from the note I was typing in and leaving me in ‘Untagged’, where I swear then go and find the note again.

I think this is partly because I use Google Docs a great deal, which also uses Apple+Option+1 etc to assign heading levels. I believe this is also the case in MS Word, if we’re talking conventions.

What are people’s opinions / experiences with this? As I much preferred the original key assignments.

i think with the way i write doing only command + number is more ergonomic, so i like it.

however if did create some confusion initially because such a navigation is usually used to switch tabs/views on macOS. i assumed commands + number will let me navigate the default note folders.