How to enable web clipper on Bear 2?

Currently, when I use the Bear Web clipper on Safari, it sends the clip to Bear 1. How do I configure it to send to Bear 2 instead?


We have some users reporting they are able to work with Bear 2 web clipper but I suspect this might depend on where the Bear 2 app bundle is placed and the Safari version installed. Can you give me more info about the macOS and Safari versions you are running?

I’m running the following:

MacOS 13.0 (22A380)
Safari 16.1 (18614.

The Bear 2 app bundle is on the desktop

Ok, I have to run a test on Ventura as soon as possible.

Web clipper for 2.0 would be really useful for me now. If anyone has any tips on getting it going. Is it open source?

The browser extension part web clipper is pretty slim as 99% of the work is done by the main app. I can eventually share the code with you. Please send me a DM if interested.

The browser extension move data (URL, HTML code) from the browser using XCallbackURLs. The problem is the beta uses bear2:// instead of bear:// protocol otherwise Bear 1 and 2 can’t operate on the same device.

You can save the extension .zip as described here: How to modify an extension from the Chrome Web Store? - Stack Overflow
Unpack, replace bear: with bear2: in all files and load unpacked extension in Chrome.

Just tested, works fine with Bear 2.