Web clipper works half of the time

Testing version: 10784

What were you doing: sending a web page to Bear

What feature did you use: Web clipper on Safari

What happened: Nothing

What did you expect to happen: Web clipper window to open and note created

Half of the time it does not work properly.
Had to close Bear a couple of times, trying each time to clip the web page.
First time nothing happened, second time it clipped the title and first few lines without a link to the page, third time it clipped some code and created a link to the page and then, on the fourth try it got it OK.

Hello, any chance you have Bear 1 installed along with Bear 2 on your mac?

No, just Bear 2.0, or so it seems.
Searching for Bear 1 does not bring any results.
CleanMyMac X does not see it.
I’ve searched for hidden files, to no avail.
So just 2.0

Thanks. The problem above happens on specific pages? If this is the case, please send me the link.

Hi Danilo,
Here’s one: https://bootcamp.uxdesign.cc/my-complete-toolkit-for-design-life-and-productivity-2023-edition-7b4da343f253
The first time, it did not open the dialog at all and nothing happened, the second time it got it OK.

This one: https://tosny.medium.com/3-apps-i-use-for-notes-everyday-with-1-you-definitely-dont-use-311e16f22c77
It got on the first time but only the introduction to the post. Most of the content is missing.

It seems to be less frequent for some reason. Other web site don’t pose any problem whatsoever, but there seems to be an itch with anything on Medium. It’s probably their fault.

Another is, though, that the web clipper usually does not work if Bear was close and has to be activated by the clipper. After it has open Bear, the clipper works.
Bear 1 clipper worked every time with Bear open or closed.

Thanks, Bear 1 was great, but Bear 2 is simply fantastic! Thanks for such a nice product.

I’ve only done a handful of tests and the Chrome web clipper is working for the most part ok for me. One thing it ignored was capturing sub-headings from this article:

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It did the same with the Safari clipper.
One change is that, with Bear 1, even if the app was closed, when using the Web Clipper it would start Bear and the clipper would do its job. Now, it starts Bear 2 but nothing happens.