How to end all competitors now and forever

Hope this got your attention.

Long time Bear user, I drifted away from it a bit because I’m one of those hamster brain people who get thrown off by having to look for where to write things even for one second. I recently discovered logseq which is life changing.

I think one simple feature would allow a similar level of magical ease, and it’s the ability to look for text blocks by tags within a note as well as within all notes.
I realise Bear doesn’t work in blocks, but with the now collapsable headers I’m making the uneducated assumption that it would be possible to parse out blocks if tags behaved as headers and were collapsable.

So how to become stickier than fresh tar on a summer day:

  • Option to toggle tags as block heads like the collapsable headers
  • Ability to see occurrences of a selected tag within the note / within all notes in the stats section
  • As an ultimate mawashigeri finish : the ability to open a tag page that shows all blocks with the tag within all notes.

To me the ability to essentially circumvent all organization to focus only on the capture is a divine thing. Bear is the best for classic notes and long form, but as any other app that works around the note / folder paradigm, even with tags, it becomes limited for capturing quick notes once the library becomes big.

If the organising happens only at the stage of calling the information rather than at the stage of capturing it, magic happens. Like querying a database.
Anyone who writes knows for example not to edit while writing. Writing first, editing later, or the editing gets in the way of the writing.

I think it’s the same with capturing and recalling. The power of random access memory is that ability not to be bound by the same paradigms we had with paper.

I think smart notes, called like database queries, are the ultimate breaking of chains.

I hope this wasn’t a tedious read, I’m passionate about this,

Yours truly


I think what you really need is Drafts: every time you open the app, you get a blank page to write on. File it to Bear with tags, later.

But the info capture is instant.

No offense, but if Bear turned into your vision, I’d quit using it, as I’d never be able to find anything anymore. I use 10 tags by category and that’s it. Indiscriminately using tags (not structured) would get out of hand, for me.

I’m extremely visually-oriented so I look for category and scroll. The information I need to get to the most is pinned to the top, including especially the daily journal note. Search for client history only in journal category.