How to search & replace carriage return?


On Bear 1.9, I used to search and replace double carriage return to a single carriage return.
On Bear 2.1 (12333), I don’t know how to do it: I don’t find the special character option with the carriage return in the Search field.

How can I do my operation?



do you remember how you did this with Bear 1? I was not aware this was possible but maybe it’s the key to doing this with the current Bear too.

Those options were very very useful.

Screenshots from my Bear 1.9 :

Thanks. Now I remember you can enter expressions in the standard textview search. I’m afraid Bear 2 doesn’t come with this option but you can use TextEdit to replace the carriage returns and then paste back to Bear.

Thanks, I found this way but it is not very helpful in a daily use.

Do you think possible to implement it back in a future version?

I think this is something we can consider yes.