B2 (iOS) no longer uses TextExpander snippets?

I have a few TextExpander snippets I use frequently. I think Bear 1 used the TE SDK so I could use them, but it seems Bear 2 for iOS doesn’t use them? Or do I need to somehow turn that feature on?

We were questioning ourself about having TE SDK in Bear 2 mostly because we are trying as much as possible to not rely on external APIs, but some user pointed out that TE SDK has been discontinued.

Riiiight, that actually sounds familiar. I’m not a fan of the TE keyboard, though, over the stock keyboard. My main use within Bear was a snippet that automatically entered the date and time. Is there any other macro-or-similar way to do that built in to bear?

I’m not aware of a way to have this working with iOS’ text replacement options but you can check the insert date functionalities in the BIU keyboard

Oh that’s perfect! Exactly what I needed. (I’m reminded of the time someone at Microsoft commented that the most requested features in Word are features that are already in Word)