Bear 2 and Textexpander Support

Hey Guys!

Congratulations on the release of the excellent Bear 2 app! I’m very excited to what if’ve seen so far! Amazing!!

The only one thing I’m desperately missing is the Text Expander integration! It was so well done and worked flawlessly in version 1! It is critical for my note taking and I believe I’m not alone here.

Please consider bringing it back soon as it speeds writing som much!

Thanks a lot!

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It is an issue due to TextExpander. Check this thread:

It would be really helpful to those of us that predominantly use Bear on the iPad if Bear could facilitate TextExpander’s enhanced app support. This would allow us to use the TextExpander keyboard solution with the Apple Magic keyboard/other Bluetooth keyboards.

I replaced TextExpander with the built in Text Replacement and it works fine. Syncs between devices.

iOS-level text replacement, or is there some feature of Bear I’m missing?

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iOS level. In the keyboard settings.