TextExpander is gone!

I just updated to v2 and I have to say it is amazing! You did a great job!

That said, both Bear and TextExpander are an integral part of my workflow in iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, and I was very sad to discover my TextExpander snippets no longer work in my iPhone. I searched all the settings in the app and I couldn’t find them anywhere.

I understand TextExpander has its own keyboard, but it is far from being the best experience. Being able to type a snippet in Bear and have it expander automatically was amazing.

I really hope this is just temporal and it eventually comes back.

Keep up the great work! Love Bear!

Unfortunately TextExpander killed the 3rd party support and now they’re only offering the keyboard as a replacement.

So for as far as we know the integration is not going to be back in Bear in other forms than the keyboard.

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Thanks for the reply!

I swear I did a search and find 0 results before posting, and now I found a thread from March where it is mentioned that the feature may not be implemented because it is an external dependency (and TE is killing the SDK).

As a developer myself I understand this. As a user, I’m sad to see this amazing feature gone.

As I said, keep up the amazing work! Love Bear!

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Other text expander might work well. I use Alfred for snippets and it works flawlessly

Yup, switched all my expansion needs to Keyboard Maestro and haven’t looked back since.

I have no problems with macOS. The problem is with iOS and iPadOS.

On the Mac I am a big fan of many automation tools including Alfred and Keyboard Maestro, but I do enjoy the way TexExpander handles the expansions. The big plus of TextExpander was (is if I use their clunky keyboard) being able to use the same expansions on all my devices.