HTML import (from Notes) adds invisible spaces

Testing version: 2.0 10757 / MacOS Ventura 13.0

What were you doing: Importing an HTML created with the Notes export workflow

What feature did you use: Import notes

What happened: Even if the source HTML has normal spaces and seemingly no error, Bear adds invisible null characters that break http:// clickable links, break search (you cannot find words inside that note) and sometimes break formatting.

What did you expect to happen: Normal note formatting, functioning search and clickable links

See screenshot:

Top left: source HTML as seen in VS Code / Top right: Resulting text as seen in VS Code when copying from Bear 2 after import
Bottom: What you see on Bear

Have you tried to run the encoding fixing script as shown here?

Yes, and it worked, except that it updates the HTML’s date creation/modification dates and thus renders the setting to respect them useless: it ends up importing all Evernote notes with a current timestamp.