In multi-window mode: Note rolled back to the top when new edits are made

Testing version: macOS Bear 2 beta (build 10688)

What were you doing: When I have two windows open and show the same note, if I finish making edits in one window, the note in the other window gets rolled back to the top.

What feature did you use: Multiple windows

What happened: The note in the inactive window gets rolled back to the top.

What did you expect to happen: Notes should not change its scroll position.

Is your note list sorted by date last modified? If so, then that’s the expected behavior.

Oh my bad maybe I didn’t make it clear. But I meant the note contents (so in the editor, not the side bar) get rolled all the way to the top.

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Ah okay, no worries at all! Then yes, I would wager it’s not the regular behavior!