Insert markdown emoji markup on iPhone

Hello all. I am wondering if there is a possibility in BEAR_V2 to insert markdown emoji markup on the iPhone and have this translated into a real emoji?

:sunglasses: = (colon_sunglasses_colon)

I am thinking of building text-snippets to be inserted into notes and to contain certain emojis…

Any thoughts?


Use :emoji e.g. :sun = :sunglasses:

Hi Eleanor,
thanks for your answer. I guess, this is not the full solution yet

I am working with a german iOS. And I do understand that “:emoji” triggers a dialogue where I can choose an emoji, but:

  • as you can see in the screenshot “sun” triggers not just sunglasses but quite a lot of (other) emojis

  • and I still do have to make a manual choice. Just hitting RETURN after typing :sun does not translate into an emoji

So I am afraid that this is not the solution for putting some text snippet into a text expansion software to trigger one specific emoji (plus additional text)



One more reply from my side:
I have found that it DOES work if I want to create an emoji where just ONE version exists for the given expression. And I do have to know the exact german name for it…
for example: achtzackig
I cannot reproduce this here, but it does work on the iPhone… :wink:

I think if you have both German and English enabled in the system’s language setting, typing out the exact name of “sunglasses” should ensure that the :sunglasses: emoji appear at the top of the suggestion?

I tested this with languages I have enabled. But not German.

I am pretty shure that I do have just German enabled in the language settings.
And I do not see any sunglasses when typing “sun”. I do have to choose “sonne” - which is german for sun… :sunglasses:

I am afraid the combination of text and emoji markup will not work. At least for the expander software I am currently using… So I will have to stick to copy and paste, as I am doing now already… :sunglasses:

The german translation and the keywords for :sunglasses: are the following. I think you can go with :cool:

        "no": 65,
        "char": "😎",
        "name": "lächelndes Gesicht mit Sonnenbrille",
        "keywords": [
            "lächelndes Gesicht mit Sonnenbrille",

Maybe these emoji translations requires a review.

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You are right: typing “:cool and Return” works fine.
My remaining problem is that the combination of emoji markups and additional (markdown) text is handled as text by my text expander software. Unfortunately there is no differentiation between markup and text. So this is not a solution at the moment. I have to copy and paste a full sample and overwrite the text parts…