"Insert Space" function within Sketch can drag out of bounds

Testing version: Panda Writer (iOS) Version 0.1 (1571)

What were you doing: While in Sketch, I selected part of my drawing and invoked the “Insert Space Above” function that is part of the PencilKit functionality (I assume since Apple’s Notes app has the same functionality). The horizontal line with the triangular handle of the left side appears.

What feature did you use: “Insert Space Above” function within Sketch.

What happened: When using the handle that appears from the “Insert Space Above” function two issues occur: 1) I am able to drag the handle outside the bounds of the Sketch box; 2) I am able to drag the handle above the origin point causing the drawings below to overlap with the drawings above. – I can send a video if that helps :grin::+1:.

What did you expect to happen: I expected the handle to not drag outside of the Sketch box, and I expected the handle to “bump” into the drawing above preventing the drawings below the handle to overlap with the drawings above the handle (this is the case in Apple Notes).

As a side note: I very much enjoy the Sketch “box” that appears letting me know where the drawing functionality will work within the note… very well done!


This is a fun one as we don’t have much control over the native features of PencilKit. We’ll try to look into it, but it might be possible that we can’t do anything about this.


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