[iOS Sketcher] Unable to draw a long shape

Testing version: Panda iOS 0.1 (1650)

What were you doing: Drawing shapes

What feature did you use: Hold to shape on the sketcher

What happened: Made a dot

What did you expect to happen: Make a long square


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The shape recognition is erratic compared to PencilKit used by Apple Notes. It does not recognize arrows for example.

It is not that it doesn’t work at all. As you see on the gif, it only doesn’t work with long shapes that goes from one and to the other end of the sketcher for an iPad. Hope this is a bug to be fixed🙏

The PencilKit provides some functionality, but shape detection is not something Apple provided as part of PencilKit, so Bear is adding that in separately. A bug report like this will help them out for sure. :+1:

… just found the original quote here:

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