Sketch on Bear without automatic arrow function in drawing

Dear team,
I like your new editor very much. And my most wanted feature, doing sketches in bear, i coming :smile:

I saw that i can use the normal apple notes palette for that and i am totally fine with that. I also saw that is possible to draw geometric figures as normal in apple notes. I love it.

What i need is the arrow function because it is not possible to do a arrow like apple notes. Of course i can do this manually but it looks not greate. Maybe a dumb question but can you not use the full framework for drawing and writing with the Apple Pencil from apple notes in bear?

Thank you very much for the great implementation :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hi Bruno,

we’re using the framework that Apple provides for drawing, unfortunately some of the feature that you’re experiencing in Apple Notes are not available to third party developers.

Even the geometric figures are something that we had to build ourself as Apple doesn’t provide them.

We’re still working on the editor and the Sketcher is a very important part of it, we want to add support for new things like arrows and we’ll try to do that :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the explanation Mateo. Hopefully, Apple opens up the Pencilkit a bit more for other apps to enjoy.