Drawing and sketching OVER markdown text


would it be possible to implement the awesome sketching feature that I saw uses native OS drawing to be able to draw over text and not just as separate sketches?

That way we could write text and later when revising draw arrows, connections and comments over using our pencils.

Hopefully this is possible and if so, considerable.

Thank you.


It would make Bear the note taking app. I suspect it won’t possible because markdown is a text based markup and has no ways of handling drawings apart from making them as attachments.

Hi there Mihu,

Many thanks for taking the time to leave us a post. I can see that this is your first time posting on here, so welcome to the community!

Regarding the above request, this is not something we’ve planned for Bear. As we’re a Markdown application, this would be a limitation.

If you’ve any other queries or questions, let me know as I’d be happy to help! :slight_smile: