Making handwriting/sketches inline with text

The new editor is amazing, cannot wait for 2.0. I did have one question around sketches or handwriting.

The current implementation puts handwriting or sketches in a walled garden. I’ve love the drawing feature to live inline with the text notes, be auto triggered with apple pencil, and able to edit after the fact.

My big use cases are needing to add a diagram to whats otherwise a text only note, or wanting to handwrite something for “mulch memory” or the like.

Not sure if this is even possible, but one can dream!

What would be even more awesome is if handwriting/sketching was simply accomplished over the top of the page. So you could type something in and then annotate with scribbles over the top of it.

Ideally I would like to see the ability to either type and/or handwrite on the same “page”. That would be a killer feature. I’m currently trying our GoodNotes and while their handwriting/sketching is OK, their typing is annoying as I have to keep typing into boxes. I just want to type directly on the page, and write by hand over the top of it. Like on paper but without the waste and with undo :wink:

I’m not sure how that would work with scrolling as you edit the content. Perhaps handwriting could be anchored to the paragraph.