Sketching Circles

Testing version: latest version of Panda for iOS (couldn’t find the version number)

What were you doing:
Using the sketch pad and using the Apple feature to draw shapes, hold, and Apple creates a perfect shape.

What feature did you use:
Sketch on iPadOS

What happened:
Each time the circle rendered to a perfect shape it would 99% of the time create a square. I tried it on Apple Notes and it always creates a perfect circle.

What did you expect to happen:
A perfect circle to be rendered. It only happened once out of at least 10 tries.

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting the above.

Can I ask, what system version are you using on the iPad? Also, would you be able to provide a sample screen recording of this occurring for investigation?

I’m using version 14.7.1.

I’ll send a recording later today.

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Attached are two screen recordings due to upload size restrictions. One using Panda and the other using Apple Notes.

Hope this helps. Should be easy to recreate unless it’s just me or my device.

Hi @tpw

As you mentioned above that it was tested with your finger, can I just confirm that you’ve also tested it with an Apple Pencil and it produces the same result?

This is just as shape recognition is only possible with an Apple Pencil.

I first saw this happen when using the Logitech Crayon, an Apple Pencil alternative which is probably the best option after the Apple Pencil itself.

So, yes, it does do it with a writing device? Are you not able to recreate it?


As the shape recognition feature is only possible with an Apple Pencil, this would be why the above is occurring.

I’ll pass it onto the team for consideration moving forward.

Hmm, that would be a little surprising since I can draw all the other shapes just fine but understand and if you can’t recreate it, then you won’t be able to resolve.

You might absolutely be correct though since Apple has done this before, kinda makes sense unfortunately. We may not like how they do it but as a business, they want to ensure they provide a differentiator and manage their ecosystem,

Thanks again