iOS Shortcuts action `Search notes containing` not working

Testing version: 2.1 (12324)

What were you doing: running a simple shortcut

What feature did you use: shortcut action: Search notes containing

What happened: with the exception of special searches @, I get an error, “Could not run Search notes: there was a problem communicating with the app.”

What did you expect to happen: bear to show the search results

If the search term is"@ctoday" or any other special search starting with “@” the shortcut works as expected.

If the search term is a single word (e.g. bear) it fails with the same error message.

If I add " @ctoday" to the single word search term (e.g bear @ctoday), then the shortcut runs as expected?!

If the search term is a single tag (e.g. #dev) it fails

If I add “@ctoday” to the tag search (e.g. #dev @ctoday), it still fails.


  1. By comparison, when I use the legacy action Search for then it works in all cases.
  2. The current 2.0.17 version works a little better for me, only failing when searching for a tag on its own. That is, I can search for regular text, or regular text with a tag, but searching just for a tag (e.g. #dev) fails.
  • Special searches work with or without additional text in both versions.
  1. I haven’t upgraded my Mac to the beta, but it doesn’t have any problems with 2.0.17.

Here is the simple shortcut using the native bear search action:

Ask for text with "search term"
Search notes containing Provided Input
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Hey, I have the same issue with Version 2.1.4 (12484). Do you know if they are working on a fix?

If they are, I haven’t heard. Unfortunately my guess is “no”.

Thanks for reporting - the more people chime in, the more likely an effort will be launched to understand/address the issue.