iOS show link preview within a table crash

Testing version : 0.1 (2208)

What were you doing : iOS on iPad Pro

What feature did you use : enabling a link preview for a link within a table cell

What happened : app crash

What did you expect to happen : expected either a) to see the preview as I do when the link is not in a cell, or b) for the option to not be available for a link within a table

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting this.

Tables don’t support link previews (like images/file attachments), but it shouldn’t crash either, so we will investigate this.

May I just ask, what system version are you using on your iPad Pro? Also, does this happen (crashing) every time you try this?

Hi there, iPad OS 14.8 and yes every time.

Thank you for the additional information. It is being investigated.

cc - @matteo