iOS tag recognition/syncing issues

Testing version: v2.1 (12324) on all devices (MacOS, iPad, iPhone)

What were you doing: I had performed some major reorganization on my MacOS. Archiving notes, reassigning tags… I complete year start housekeeping where nearly all tags were reassigned/relocated. All of this was performed solely on MacOS, no edits were made on iPad/iPhone until confirmed MacOS changes had synced.

What feature did you use: I was just using the editor to clean up notes

What happened: When I opened my iPhone and iPad this morning, I was trying to find a note by a specific tag/subtag. The tag/subtag was not displaying in the ToC. However, the note I was searching for, was in indeed sync’d I was able to find it by title. I also confirmed that the tag was present on the note. However, Bear was not parsing the tag. It wasn’t until I retyped the tag that it displayed within the ToC. I now worry I’m going to create conflicts.
I did confirm that all notes were sync’d from the changes made on MacOS. I also confirmed that a note change on iOS did sync and render in MacOS.

What did you expect to happen: Tags/subtags would render the same between devices. iOS versions would index all tags present in notes and render them in the ToC.

I should add, even after copy/pasting the tag/subtag in one of the notes (creating the render in the ToC), no other notes with the same tag are displaying. Meaning that in order to replicate my structure from MacOS. I would need to go into each note, and retype the tag. Not ideal, and I’m not even sure how widespread this is, at the moment.

Hello, I’m confused because tags are not supposed to be listed in the ToC unless I’m missing something. Do you mind providing a screenshot of what you mean by this? Eventually by DM

I apologize. I used “ToC” in reference to the tag list (left side panel). My mistake and understand the confusion.

I managed to workaround the issue by renaming the tag to something else, triggering sync, then rename to my original tag name. For some reason, the sync to iOS just wouldn’t reconcile in full with the changes I had made on MacOS. I haven’t been able to replicate the problem since. I assume things got hung up doing very large, global changes to my tag structure.