Is "slow down" prompt coming from Bear?

Not beta - latest iOS app although I can’t find an “about”: I’m pasting text quotes from my iPhone camera into Bear, and then typing in my own annotations. I’m seeing a message that says “Slow down.” (Text string is not part of any of the text I’m working with.) I’ve got the little format widget open. Is this prompt from the Bear app? What does it mean?

  1. This prompt could be from other apps on the phone; i.e. the keyboard and the paste functionality
  2. “Slow down” has no meaning in itself and gives no clue as to what I’m doing “too fast”. (Ironically since my mind is racing at the moment, I’m wondering if Bear is criticizing my intellectual skills …)
  3. If this is a Bear prompt it needs to be documented and easily searchable (if already true, please tell me how.)
  4. Such a prompt seems a bit condescending since what I’m usually doing on my phone is clicking around with my forefinger trying to get something to work. But I have no idea what the last tiny icon I poked was.
  5. And what about that period, which is apparently seen as an indicator of severity or as an impolite imperative?

Looks like I’ve uploaded my screenshot:

Hopefully someone can elucidate. I’m otherwise finding the new version quite a treat to use on my iPhone mini, so posting this with heartfelt appreciation to everyone here.

Hello there,

I think you’ve set the iPhone camera on the “PANO” setting which is used for taking panoramic photos, it needs you to move the camera around slowly and that’s why it’s telling you to “slow down”.

This is not from Bear, it’s the default iPhone camera :slight_smile:

You can just switch to “PHOTO” while inside the camera at the bottom of the screen.

Let me know if this solves your issue!

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Thanks! Will do - forgot about the camera also being active …

(It’s actually quite an appropriate prompt for panning with a camera.)