Is there a way to access @backlinks, @wikilinks via URL?

I wonder, and if not, I think it would be great to have. Here’s the use case: the beauty of Bear is you can have a variety of notes in it side by side, your grocery list as well as your carefully curated Zettelkasten. It would be great to be able to associate those special operators to search: for instance, to search orphan notes -@backlinks but only in a given tag Zettelkasten via URL. (Other notes can be orphaned in the rest of the app and you don’t care, but in a Zettelkasten, it matters.)

(Or better yet, allow the building of saved searches… pretty please? :sweat_smile:)

In the meantime, if anybody’s interested, here’s the Keyboard Maestro I’m using to achieve that result:

Searching for #Zettelkasten -@backlinks via XURLs sounds like what you want to achieve unless I’m missing something.

No you’re absolutely right, but I haven’t found how to mix both - unless I’m mistaken (which I might very well be) I can’t see in the docs how to address -@wikilinks via XURL.

You can use /search




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Thank you! I had no idea that @xxx operators could be simply entered as a search term, I thought they needed special syntax. Of course, it works.