It's hard to select the text between backticks etc

So if I have some text, for example a line of inline code (text surrounded by backticks), I find it’s often very hard to select the text predictably. Depending on sub-millimeter cursor movement, you could easily end up copying either the text with both opening and closing backtick, text with just the closing one, or just the text with no backticks.

Obviously same applies to bold and italics and whatever Markdown formatting characters you have.

I’m trying to demonstrate it here in this video. It’s me trying to select the text this is some inline code I want to copy and just paste it below. But as you can see depending on some very precise cursor movement, you can end up starting or stopping the selection at the wrong spot very easily.


I missed this post last week. This is unfortunately a “rubber bending” issue of markdown hiding and we have not found a good solution at the moment. I’d suggest to use right-click > Copy Code but it’s currently broken :grimacing:

Yeah was about to add that I have no idea how this could be mitigated, even in theory.

One possible solution is to treat Bear as a WYSIWYG editor while Markdown is hidden.

I.e., I would suggest that if I start to select text while Markdown is hidden, it should copy the formatting as a meta-parameter of sorts. If I select while I’m already in the paragraph (so the markup is visible), it should only select exactly what I’m selecting.

So, if I have bolded text This is some text [and I select this part of it], then it should copy **[and I select this part of it]** if I was selecting while Markdown was hidden.