Keyboards and Apple Pencil on iPad

Recently, I’ve found a combination of tools that help me write more, one of them being the new version of Bear. When writing, I shrink the keyboard with the pinch gesture, and swipe across the keyboard using the stylus. There’s something very pleasing about this combo.

When the keyboard is shrunk in Bear, the formatting keyboard (BIU) becomes a panel that can be toggled open. When it’s opened, the floating keyboard obfuscates some of the formatting options. Would it be possible to refine the UI such that the floating keyboard and formatting panel don’t occupy the same space?

Thanks for your consideration.

Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t thought about using this kind of input. After trying it, I can definitely use it in some circumstances. Not sure this addresses your issue the way you would like - but I was able to press the underscore button on the mini keyboard (beneath the “space” bar") and reposition the mini keyboard where I wanted it. I did this on an iPad.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m aware the keyboard floats, and I do move it when trying to access parts of the BIU keyboard. A more streamlined solution may be to have its position configurable. In the attached screenshot, there’s space available across the top or sides. I’m sure folks would have different preferences based on handedness, mine being to have the BIU keyboard along the top or in a vertical orientation along the right side.