iPad keyboard preference has to be set to "shortcuts" for app to work

Testing version:
2.0 10641

What were you doing:
Using the editor
What feature did you use:
Trying to do any non-keyboard formatting or insertions
What happened:
There is no formatting bar or b/i/u button unless iPadOs General>keyboard setting has “shortcuts” turned on.
What did you expect to happen:
I spent ages trying to figure out why I could not see any “B/I/U button” no matter what I did. I found a hint in an old post here, but it was very far from intuitive. You shouldn’t have to change an OS setting to make basic functionality work - I would have expected at least a warning.


Thanks for posting this — I was having the same issue and turning on SHORTCUTS in the keyboard setting fixed it. @chrisecurtis

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Yeah you may have found my old post about the Shortcuts setting from early Panda era :sweat_smile:

And yes I still wholeheartedly agree that there should be an another way of toggling the formatting bar than a button that can be totally disabled by keyboard settings.

I’ve disabled the Shortcuts option as I find it floating on top of UI elements and getting in the way, especially when using a hardware keyboard. I think the way Apple implemented this floating keyboard accessory view is not optimal.