Problems with Magic Keyboard and the new formatting bar

I’m having some problems with the formatting bar with Panda when using Magic Keyboard with iPad Pro. First, the bar is very transparent, and it’s extremely hard to read in many cases. Why is it semi-transparent? I don’t understand; it offers zero pros and only cons, in my opinion. Or maybe it’s not intended to look like that? In my photo I’m showing an extreme example with an image underneath the bar, but it also becomes a mess if I have just some text there.

If I disable the ’Shortcuts’ option under iPadOS settings under General → Keyboards (which disables the language bar or whatever the floating keyboard bar is on the newest iPadOS’es) there’s no way to access some of features of the app. I’d gladly use just the physical keyboard as I can type everyhting in Markdown, but then I can’t add images and stuff. There’s no keyboard shortcuts that I know of for inserting attachments, or calling up the formatting bar.

Hi there,

May I just ask, is this still occurring for you?

Yes it is, the buttons are still semi-transparent like in the earlier pictures.

I found out where the issue is occurring

when the iPad is connected to the BT keyboard, the extended keyboard becomes transparent,
when scribble mode is active with Apple Pencil, it change colour matching the normal keyboard as well as become solid colour.
When we type again without closing the keyboard, it change colour but not turn transparent. Once I close and open the keyboard again, it becomes transparent again.

On the other hand, comparing


the size of the two images below are much more usable, I hope the normal keyboard without BT keyboard attached has the same form factor as the one with BT keyboard…

Thank you for the explanation and additional helpful information Eleanor. I’ll pass it onto the rest of the team to get their thoughts on it when moving forward :slight_smile: