Links to Headings Break When Update Headings

  • **Bear Version2.2.1:
  • **OS Versionsonoma 14.1.1:
  • **What were you doingEditing a heading in a note:
  • **What feature did you uselink to headings in a note (i.e. [[some-page/some-heading]]:
  • **What happenedwhen I edit the heading, the link to that heading breaks:
  • **What did you expect to happenI expect the link to the heading to update when I change the heading, in the same way that links to notes change when you update the title of the note. If we can never edit a heading without losing the links to that heading, it is too rigid.:

We are aware currently header wiki links don’t auto-rename themselves. We do have some plans for this (and other functionalities) to work as you expected but we require a layer in between note editing and saving first.

Notes are saved into DB following some specific rules and header editing can happen at any time before the note is saved. Link renaming is a potentially long operation and we want to perform it only when the note is saved for minimising risks. In the time editing between saving a lot of actions can happen, for example, The header can be renamed, moved up and down, renamed again, or deleted, … All the possible combinations of those actions make this impossible to achieve in a good way unless we keep track of the changes and what the header was and has become. This is not trivial and needs a lot of testing.