List reordering behavior

When reordering items in lists using drag-and-drop:

  1. List items should snap to the item level. Currently they snap to the line level, which means you can accidentally drop a list item right in the middle of another list item (if it spans more than a single line).

  2. Sub-items in multi-level lists should behave the same way, but they don’t snap at all and instead can break up text at any point.


Yes, I really hope this gets fixed.

I’d also love to see sub-items taken along when their parent is moved.

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Sub-items do already get taken along when their parent is moved actually :slight_smile: One of the countless awesome improvements in Bear 2.

Oh, that’s right! I was getting mixed up with the Move Up/Down keyboard shortcuts which don’t move the children. But dragging does indeed work!

Oh shoot, I wasn’t even aware of that shortcut, thanks for the tip! In that case, add that to the list of requests here – for the Move Up/Down key commands to take child list items with their parent item.

Just saw the latest update that fixes the second of these two issues, nice! The first one remains unchanged though.

I also have two more things that persist to point out, regarding list reordering:

  1. Dragging and dropping still sometimes fails, I think because of a faulty drop area to the left of bullets.
  2. This may be a little fussy, but I think the user experience would be improved if the draggable area was taller.

Thank you for the feedback!

We’ve added some more improvements to the dragging for the next update. Those should cover most of your suggestions, but feel free to submit more feedback if you feel that something’s off.


Just checked out the latest iteration of this, and yeah, things are working great!

One more bug I’m seeing: using the Move Up/Down key commands on a first-level bullet doesn’t move its sub-bullets with it.

I’m also still thinking the draggable area for each bullet should be way thicker. If you click on a bullet, it highlights a box around the bullet that should probably be the full draggable area:
Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 1.04.24 AM