Reordering sub-items on a list doesn't work

Testing version: 11417 on MacOS

What were you doing: Dragging sub-items to reorder them on an unordered list

What feature did you use: drag and drop lists to reorder

What happened: Only on sub-items, they are combined them into one item or moved to a different indention

What did you expect to happen: that I could reorder sub items in a list

Ah, I reported this as well:

Glad someone brought attention to the issue again, really hope they fix this up.

I’ve been encountering this since the beta first came out, but I thought it was such an obvious and painful bug that everyone else would report it and it would be fixed. But last night I realized it has been a couple months and it still exists, and I actually need to use this feature almost every day. That’s what I get for being lazy, and not reporting it myself!

@trix180 hi! Any ideas on this one? I don’t think this is functioning as intended, but curious on your thoughts.

No, it’s not intended and it’s possibly caused by some changes we me made to the list tabs/spaces management. We’ll work on a fix for next update.


Thank you so much! I know this is a small thing, but I’m genuinely excited to use this.