Localization : Toggle folding shortcut for non QWERTY keyboard == H4

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9803)

What were you doing: Editing a file, trying to toggle a H3 level section

What feature did you use: the shortcut for toggle folding

What happened: header turned into H4

What did you expect to happen: the section should fold

On AZERTY (French) keyboards cmd+4 is the same thing as cmd+’
cmd+shift+’ is equal to screen section capture in os x.


I think there’s a string localization issue in the header menu panel, can you please check if you have the same shortcut in Format > Toggle Folding?


It’s now cmd+ù, and works fine now, thanks! I don’t know what changed because as of writing it did show cmd+'.

I think the issue is this panel which doesn’t follow the localization

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Confirmed on my end.