Locked notes, can now have attachments?

Testing version: 2.0 11093

What were you doing: attaching pictures and scans to a locked note.

What feature did you use: attaching files and pictures

What happened: it was able to attach a scan and an image

What did you expect to happen: maybe it wouldn’t work since it is a locked encrypted note?

So maybe this is a new feature, which I would be thrilled about, but not sure.

If I have a normal bear note, with an image attached and I try to add a password it gives me a warning - bear cannot encrypt this note.

However if I already have a note that is locked, and I unlock it and then attach a photo it does seem to work and let me do it. And if I lock the note, it does do face if before it will unlock the note. So are photos and scans now able to be attached and encrypted??


Yes, this is not supposed to be allowed. The camera, picture library, sketcher, file picker and document scanner buttons will be disabled for encrypted notes in the next update.
Thanks for reporting this!

Please don’t. :pray:

Not being able to embed images was one of my major gripes with Bear 1.

I don’t really care about these images being cryptographically secure, I just want them out of sight. Most people don’t know how where to find the Bear DB anyways, and on iOS there’s even less risk.

Could you consider keeping this feature enabled, maybe with a warning that the images aren’t actually encrypted?

We want to support encrypted attachments but if we are not able to this is something we can explore.

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I’m new here. I’m moving from Obsidian. I’ve become Pro version user just I thought finally I will have ability to encrypt single notes… with attachments. Unfortunately it’s not working.
Any chance to have it any time soon?


I wish! But there’s been no public progress on it unfortunately

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