Losing place when creating note from wiki link in a tag

Bear’s default behavior is pretty clear when navigating tags: click on one, and you are in that tag. All newly created notes will share that tag by default.

This behavior is however inconsistent when creating notes from wikilinks. Try the following:

  • Navigate to a tag on the sidebar
  • Create a note (that note now has the selected tag) and add a wikilink to a non-created note
  • Navigate to that note using the keyboard shortcut to open it in a new window (Shift-opt-cmd-K), which will create that note on the fly.

→ The note not only does not share the tag, it deselects the tag, throwing you back to the main list, creating the note there, which does not open in a new window. This makes you lose focus in quite a jarring way (multiwindowing being one of Bear’s Achilles heel, as several users here think).

When you type in wikilinks to not yet existing notes and navigate to them with the intent of creating them in a new window, it’s usually to keep digging on a subject, following several avenues of thought. You do not want to lose your place and break flow.

  • At the very least, the note should open in a new window as the keyboard shortcut dictates.
  • It should also share the tag you’re in, as it would if you had typed Cmd-N to create it manually.

It seems to be a question of personal matter :wink: While you see an inconsistency, I however expect that behaviour and it is totally intuitive for me

I do agree that CMD+SHIFT+OPT+K should not behave the way it does in this case and We’ll work on it. However, I suspect adding the tag selected in the sidebar in this scenario might be unexpected for a lot of people.

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I believe at the very least the new note should open in a new window - that’s what the command says. :slightly_smiling_face: