MacOS: Page keeps auto-scrolling to the bottom when selecting rows/columns within a table

Testing version:
Bear 2.0 Beta (Testflight)

What were you doing:
Selecting a row/column in a table

What feature did you use:

What happened:
Every time I select a row/column within a table, the note auto-scrolls such that the selected row is at the bottom of the page.

What did you expect to happen:
The page should remain as is and not auto-scroll.


This issue also happens in my macOS beta


Same table auto-scroll for me on macOS.

Can confirm (macOS 12.4), and I 100% didn’t have this issue with the private beta.

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I was going to report this, thanks for saving me the typing up and summarizing. This behavior is annoying and really hoping it’s fixed for final product.

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Yes, agree,
I was working extensively with tables today, and this strange behavior made a lot of friction…

I’ll add + 1

I was trying to make a table based on a image right below it and the auto-scroll kept taking the image off the screen.

So far (for me), this is only occurring with migrated notes. New tables in new notes don’t have this issue.

Same for me. Every time I click into a cell in the welcome note.

Can someone please confirm/deny you still experience this problem with the current macOS build (10688)?

I had a look in the 10688 build and couldn’t replicate this behaviour. I tried with two 5x5 tables and the page didn’t auto-scroll down.

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Hey Trix,

Awesome, I can confirm that this is no longer an issue on the current macOS build (10688). :slight_smile:


:white_check_mark: I no longer have the auto-scroll bug with macOS (10688) or iOS (10699)

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