Inserting New Table Causes Editor to Scroll/Jump to Top

Testing version: Version 1.0 (1648) for macOS

What were you doing: Create a new document that is long enough to scroll, and then scroll to the bottom of the document. (I was originally using the default Welcome to Panda document)

What feature did you use: I used the Option + Command + T keyboard shortcut to insert a table at the bottom of the document. (But later I found the bug also occurs when navigating the Format → Table → Table menu items.

What happened: A new blank table was added correctly, but the document scrolled/jump to the top (leaving the cursor still active in the first table cell). Moving the arrow keys will scroll you back down to the table, but this is unexpected and disruptive.

What did you expect to happen: I expected my current scroll position to be maintained (or scrolled downward to make additional room, if needed) while inserting a new table at the bottom of my scrolled.document.

Note: It may not always happen, but if you try a couple of times it should occur. I think one thing that makes it 100% reproducible is to try to insert a new table (using keyboard shortcut) when the cursor is right up next to an existing table. That is:

  1. On a blank line, evoke they keyboard shortcut to create a new table
  2. Observe a new, blank table appears with 4 cells (2 rows + 2 columns)
  3. Press the right arrow key 4 times to advance each cell, until the cursor is immediately to the right of the table.
  4. Evoke the keyboard shortcut again to add a new table.

Expected: my scroll position should be maintained
Actual: the page jumps all the way toward the top (the cursor is placed in the top-left first cell of the table)