Inserting new table row should put cursor in first cell

Current behavior: If one is in a table cell and inserts a new row (doesn’t matter how, either keyboard shortcut or GUI menu), then the new row is created and your cursor is placed in the same column that you’re currently in. So if I’m in row 2, column 3, then after inserting a new row, I’ll be in row 3, column 3.

Expected behavior: The cursor should be placed in the first cell (leftmost for left to right languages and, I’m guessing, rightmost for right to left languages.) So if I’m in row 2, column 3, then after inserting a new row, I’ll be in row 3, column 1.

Justification: I’m in a table in a note-taking app. Not a spreadsheet program! The behavior I’ve requested is identical to how tables are handled in Apple Notes, Apple Pages, Apple Keynote, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and no doubt many others.


Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a post!

Regarding the current behaviour you mention, this is the expected behaviour.

Nothing is completely set in stone just yet, so we thank you for your feedback. I’ll pass it onto the team to discuss and think about moving forward.

I’ll gripe a little bit. Patience is one thing, but sometimes it seems like Shiny Frog is tone-deaf. I listed 7 pieces of software, from 3 different companies. Their stuff is used by most of the world. Apple, Google, Microsoft. And your response is that your software intentionally ignores the convention of where the cursor is placed upon creation of a new row? I guess I’m glad you’re passing on my feedback to the team, but it sure seems that’s where feedback goes to die…

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