Behavior when adding a new row

When I add a new row - it automatically moves the text in my current row to the new row and leaves me with a blank row. This is not always the desired behavior. Can this be customizable? I want an empty blank row at the end of the table

I can’t simulate this specific behavior, any chance you make a quick video?

I will, thanks for responding.


does this help? I am using the keyboard shortcut in this recording…

Yes, thanks. The new row shortcut (⌃⌘⮐) is supposed to create a new row below the current one. It’s possible we have fixed this in Bear 2 and not in Panda, but I can’t simulate your bug with Panda either.
Just to be sure this is not a fixed bug, do you mind sending me the MD file in the video for tests?

Attached here.
Feature (1.8 KB)

I also cannot replicate.

What version of Panda do you have?