Map links rich preview?

When a map link is added to v2, is there a rich preview like is shown in Apple Notes?

Apple Maps link previews work but Google Maps doesn’t always provide a meaningful preview.


That’s brilliant, I only use Apple Maps :+1:t2:

Not about maps but about link previews: (specifically on iOS)

  • Apple Music link previews don’t always work (see first preview in screenshot)
    • not sure if that one not working is a one-off thing or not
  • when they do work they can be “ugly” (subjective)
    • in that just too much empty space, or too big of a preview

And here is a picture of what the preview looks like in ios reminders app as a comparison.

Hmmm, hopefully the devs see this and have a look under the hood at what’s causing that. Apple Music is quite bad for previews, you can only get a long winded URL for items from it even on Day One.

Yes, I have noticed and struggled with this at times :unamused:

The thumbnails not working is one thing – I am not sure how many people actually want apple music previews in Bear notes – but the idea that sometimes people might want large previews and other times small ones is perhaps useful

  • for example, large previews for pdfs, websites, etc, where you have multiple lines
  • small previews for where you only want a word or two and/or a thumbnail.
    • or perhaps for inline previews