More intelligent interactions between tables and text

I’m testing the beta, and I would like to ask for better interactions between tables and text. Specifically:

  1. if I select several lines of text and then “create table”, it’d be great if every line of text got added to a separate row
  2. similarly, if I paste text into a table, it’d be great if it could be pasted one line per row

I agree with this. Was about to create a topic myself. This seem like a straightforward and intuitive solution. Taking it a tiny step further Bear documentation could specify that if you e.g. separated your text with “;” or similar turning lines into rows in table would further be separated in the columns as by the “;”-marker (similar to import a CSV in a spreadsheet).

I can see 1. as useful in some contexts but 2. defy my expectations regarding paste on table’s cells. I can see Excel and Notes works as you said while Numbers doesn’t and this makes me think we have some freedom here in one sense or another.

Numbers also works like this but per paragraph. I’d be fine with that approach, as well.