Need to import Bear 1 notes

First, I love Bear. Have been a longtime fan and love Bear 2.

However, I’m disappointed that I can’t import notes from Bear 1. I have a lot of notes I would like to import to Bear 2 and I’m currently losing a lot of work because Bear 2 cannot import .bearnotes files. :frowning: I wish Bear would have given this use case more thought.

The only thing I can think of is to find a copy of Bear 1 and export my notes as .txt files which I can import to Bear 2. Is there a link to download Bear 1?

Does the format actually differ? I.e. if you rename it just “.bear” instead, does that import? Otherwise if you want to send me a sample Bear 1 note I can see if there’s any way to script it to modify for import

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Hello, you should be able to import .bearnotes files in Bear 2. Can you please tell me more about this issue?

The files simply appear greyed out, so I can’t select them. The files were exported from Bear 1.

Renaming to .bear works! :slight_smile: Thank you!!

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