Is it possible to have a temporary auto-importer of Bear 2 Beta notes for the current Bear?

I’m using the beta for almost all of my notes now. The only problem is that it doesn’t sync with the mobile version. This means I have no access to my notes on the go until I copy each of them over to Bear 1.

The proposed feature would add either or both of the following:

  • “Import from Bear 2” option in Bear 1.
  • “Export to Bear 1” option in Bear 2.

I know that Bear 1’s codebase is a mess, so it might be easier to implement only the “Export to Bear 1” option in Bear 2.

The user would navigate to the top menu → File → “Temporary: Export to Bear 1”.

This feature would take all notes from Bear 2 and copy them over to Bear 1. There doesn’t have to be much parsing. Maybe an optional tag like “Exported from Bear 2” to keep track of notes taken from the new UI.

How feasible is this?

And if it isn’t, are there any alternatives that could achieve the same thing (e.g., using Apple Shortcuts)?