Using the Bear 2 Beta until the Bear 2 release

I’d like to use the Bear 2 Beta as my “main bear” instead of Bear 1. How would you migrate the notes from the Bear 2 Beta to Bear 2 once it has been released? Is there some official advice?

No, Bear 2 beta, so far, is conceived as a playground and the notes created/edited with the beta will not migrate to the stable release. However, it will be possible to manually move notes by exporting as .bear from the beta and importing in the stable release.

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Is this the “Backup Notes” feature that creates a .bear2bk file? Are there any advantages or disadvantages over simply exporting all notes?

The backup can be used too for this purpose but I meant simple export.

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This surprises me. I think that many of the usability issues and bugs that have been reported here would only have been found by really beating on the beta with our normal workflow.

As long as there is some way to get our Beta notes into B2 with perfect (or near-perfect) fidelity, I mostly don’t care if the process is a bit painful, since it will be one-time deal. But I think there are a lot of people here who have definitely not been treating the Beta as a playground. Calling it that makes us n-n-n-nervous.


Some feedback on this process because I do worry that I will lose track of new notes while I’m kicking the tires of Bear 2.

Context: I first imported all of my Bear 1 files into Bear 2 for this tire-kicking experiment.

I just tried this method of exporting one of my new files (I’m tagging my playground as #bear2). Exporting as .bear did not work for me. When I return to Bear 1 and try to import, the Bear 2 file is shadowed out. However, when I export from Bear 2 as markdown, I am able to import as expected.

So far the playground strategy felt the safest mode to tackle migration issues and groundbreaking bugs without compromising people’s notes but yes, We understand your points. We are trying to ship the iOS beta with a functioning sync so people can use the Bear in real work/life situations.


I’ve been using Bear 2 in real work situations for months. (My employer disables iCloud drive by policy, so I haven’t been missing sync.)

I didn’t intend to rely on it when I signed up for the beta program. But given how stable these releases have been, and given what I joy Bear 2 is to use, I just couldn’t help myself.

To anybody using Bear 2 beta in a real-life situation, please be aware of this bug.