Bear Beta expired. Bear 2 doesnt pick up old notes


i’m an avid Bear user on my work laptop, where iCloud is blocked, hence dont have a recent backup of my notes. The beta app expired a few days ago, and i cant open it anymore to make a backup. I downloaded v2 but it doesnt pick up the notes from the beta. Any help please?

— R

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Facing the same issue, commenting to follow the thread and get a solution.

Same issue, I have a bunch of notes in the beta and I actually didn’t know the real v2 was out, then it expired.

Same issue here… Commenting for exposure.

Ditto. Currently locked out because I can’t open or reinstall the beta.

Apparently this is solved by just installing Bear from the App Store. Version 2 is released!!

I tried that. But it doesn’t pick up the old notes and creates a new empty set.

I’d recommend contacting Shiny Frog directly using customer service from the official website’s contact page.

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Just saw this thread after I had submitted a bug report here: Beta expired pop-up and wanted to link the two together.

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Yes, please write the support. We are currently unsure about what’s causing this issue but apparently re-sending the invite works for some.

If you have migration issue from the beta you most likely were still using the non-TestFlight version. Write to support in this case too.

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thank you, @trix180 - im exchanging emails with your support. — R

hey @ralftgehrig I have also sent an email, but have not received a response yet. Can you please share the solution here if you manage to figure it out? thanks!

Hello everyone,

I’ve created an extended version of the beta that should allow you to export all your notes to be used in the App Store version of the app.

You can download the beta here →

Please use this beta only for exporting or for backing up your notes, as it’s not tested for anything else.

Let us know if this solve your issues.

Hi @matteo, thanks for looking into this! I tried this build, but it does not show any notes at all.

Looking into the ~/Library/Group Containers/ Data v2/database.sqlite file, the ZSFNOTE table does not contain any rows, it did so before I opened the new build.
Luckily I have a backup of the file, but I’m not sure on how to proceed from here on.

EDIT: I can reproduce this, copying my old database.sqlite file that contains all notes into the folder and opening the build you provided appears to wipe it.
The backup created via File → Backup Notes also appears to be empty, it has a size of 279 bytes.

Hi @matteo, I’m in the same boat. I downloaded the extended version of the beta but it opens with no notes in it. I am unable to open my existing notes from the beta and so can’t export to v2 from the App store. Is there a way to import from the database.sqlite file used in the beta?\

Note: I am not using icloud sync as it is not allowed in my company.


Quick update - I copied the database.sqlite file and Local Files folder to the new Application Data v2 folder that was created with the extended beta and that worked - I was able to export everything without trouble. Cheers

thank you, Matteo! Really appreciate that.

Unfortunately, like the other two replies, it didnt work for me either. It doesnt pick up my notes. When i open the bear version you gave us, it takes my old database, makes two copies of it and creates a new blank database file. see screenshot.

Hello again,

It seems that the old beta database is not compatible with the extended beta I’ve built. I’ll try to rollback our code to build the exact version of the latest non-TestFlight beta. I’ll publish a version here later today.

If someone is willing to share their database.sqlite with me It’ll help me to test it before posting a new build (send a direct message to me).

See you soon!

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I’ve updated the build, you can download it here →

If you ran the previous one, a backup copy of your db was created (something like “database_backup DATE.sqlite”), you should rename it as “database.sqlite” and ran the new build.

Let me know if you still have issues in exporting your notes!

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