Beta expired pop-up

I’ve been using the TestFlight Bear 2 Beta V 2.0.1 (11708) on macOS 13.5.1. I tried to open the app today and received an error: “Beta Expired. This beta version has expired, check the website for updates.” The “go to website” button links to the broken url .

My TestFlight app still says there are 31 days left on the test version, and when I click “open” from there, it tries to open the same copy of Bear and returns the expired error.

I had been using the app daily with no issue at least as recently as Friday.

The issue seems to be the same as this one from January: Beta expired - update link broken and in that case the solution was new download links being sent out.

Just in case, I found my original invitation email to the beta and clicked the download link to see if I could install again, but it just says “This beta isn’t accepting any new testers right now.”

Everything continues to work fine on iOS.

EDIT: Apparently this is due to the official release of Bear 2, but just downloading Bear 2 isn’t recovering all notes (see thread linked below).

There’s a related thread now in the Feedback section: Bear Beta expired. Bear 2 doesnt pick up old notes - #10 by lauren897

Apparently downloading the new Bear 2 from the website isn’t a solution for everyone since it locks out old notes that aren’t icloud synced.