Wikilink in list or blockquote + ⌥↩ + undo using ⌘Z = data loss (complete destruction of the note/notes)

:warning: Backup your Bear notes before repeating this – DATA LOSS ahead!

Testing version:

Bear 2.0 (10209)

What were you doing:

Create a list item or blockquote, then create a wikilink in it. Place the cursor in the middle of any word in the wikilink and hit ⌥↩ (Option + Return) on your keyboard. Now try to undo:

  1. If you run undo from Menubar → Edit, Bear 2 will just crash and no data loss will happen. Phew…

  2. However, run undo using ⌘Z and watch how every note you select will be overwritten – i.e. completely destroyed… ;D

Here’s what it looks like in action (video):

What feature did you use:

Wikilinks and Undo.

What happened:

Loss of data :frowning:

What did you expect to happen:

Actual undo :smiley:


This is the kind of stuff betas are made for.
Thank you very much for reporting this very bad bug.

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Oh, it’s all right :wink: Actually, you did an incredible job and Bear 2 is sooo great :slight_smile: Just take your time and don’t rush to release. Original Bear is already very, very nice and almost perfect.

P.S. I have a knack for stumbling upon strange hidden bugs that normal users would never even notice :joy:


What the hell! I wonder how this is even possible, my naive assumption would be that editing a node takes place in an isolated context that is limited to that particular note, without any side effects for other notes…